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Hope In A Troubled World PublicationPRAISE - In July 2017 Hope in a Troubled World booklets were distributed to 663 500 homes in Counties Clare, Cork, Galway, Kerry, Laois, Offaly, Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Tipperary and Limerick by The Irish Postal Service.
We received 426 very encouraging responses.

PRAYER - Our Vision is to distribute Hope in a Troubled World booklets to all the remaining counties in the Republic of Ireland, a total of 1.79 million homes, as God provides (DV).

£100 or 115 Euro will pay for the cost of printing and postage of booklets to 1000 homes in the Republic of Ireland.


The Postal Distribution of No Longer Hoping booklets from 2012 to 2015 to 1.79 million homes in every county in the Republic of Ireland was the fulfilment of a vision or burden of IEB to reach the men, women and children of our country with the Gospel message. The response from people who were reached through this Postal Distribution was so encouraging that it was decided that the same means should be employed to distribute another Gospel booklet to homes in every county, city, town, village and rural area of the country.

In July 2017, the first stage of the planned placement of 1.79 million copies of Hope in a Troubled World commenced when 663 500 booklets were delivered to homes in counties Clare, Cork, Galway, Kerry, Laois, Offaly, Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo, Tipperary and Limerick.

Eight weeks after the Postal Distribution commenced we had already received over 400 reply slips, plus letters from people to whose homes the booklets had been delivered. Bibles, New Testaments, Gospel booklets and tracts were requested and these are now in the hands and homes of many who may never have otherwise been reached with the Gospel.

The following excerpt from a letter we received, sums up the value of the Postal Distribution:
"I want to thank you for sending me a Bible which I am reading at the moment. I am 90 years old."
Dick and Mary Keogh

The following are excerpts from some of the encouraging letters received following the Postal Distribution of Hope in a Troubled World booklets:

"Thank you for posting the booklet, Hope in a Troubled World, through my letterbox. I would like to order a copy of all of your booklets for our staffroom library."

"I would love to get a copy of the Bible please."

"I got your booklet in the post and enjoyed reading it. I would love to get some of your free booklets.
I am a senior citizen."

"Please send me a Bible and literature explaining the way of Salvation."

"Could you please send me a Bible? I never had one before. I don't know what to believe anymore."

"I received your booklet today (Hope in a Troubled World), and I found it very interesting. I would like if you would send me on a Bible."

"Times are strange. A lot of depression, sadness and sickness. Please send me a Bible."

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Holy Bible and French booklet."

"I received your literature. I will enjoy reading them during the long winter nights."

"What kind of book could I give to a family that has lost a loved one through suicide?"

"Some patients in the hospital noticed the booklets and have asked for some."

"Thank you for sending the free literature. I'm seeking to change myself into a person of faith."

"Thank you for letting me get a New Testament. "

The Committee of IEB appreciate very much the work of Dick and Mary Keogh as they respond to all who send in reply slips requesting Bibles, New Testaments and other literature.
This is a very important job which they do very well.

The Committee of IEB also express their sincere thanks to Rodney McCullough and his staff at Antrim Printers for the hard work they put into the printing, preparation and transport of the booklets to Dublin Mail Centre.
This was a big job which they carried out very efficiently.

Prayer Requests for the Postal Distribution
**That through the Postal Distribution of the booklet, Hope in a Troubled World, people living in the Republic of Ireland will be reached with the Gospel.
**That people will be challenged with the need to be born again and come to faith in Christ.
**That God will provide the resources to pay for the printing and postage costs of the booklet, Hope in a Troubled World, to 1.79 million homes in the Republic of Ireland.

Is God Calling You?
'I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me' (Isaiah 6:8).
In these troubled times people need the Lord and it is important for us to realise the urgency of reaching them with the Gospel before it is too late. Our vision in IEB is to do all that we can and use every means that we can to bring them the Gospel message.

The main aspects of our ministry are:
Outreach teams where distribution of Gospel booklets is carried on for six months each year.
Refreshments and Christian booklets distributed free of charge at The National Ploughing Championships.
Gospel Praise Evenings in hotels, community centres and care centres.
Postal Distribution of literature into areas where it would be impossible for us to visit with our teams.
Sale of Christian literature through Real Life, our Bookshop in Enniskillen and also Cavan Christian Bookshop.
Distribution of Saint Patrick booklets at large events such as the Saint Patrick's Day Parades each year.

We need more people to answer God's call and join us in outreach. If God is calling you, please contact us using the contact details.

We thank God for His faithfulness, for answers to prayer as we see evidence of God's work in the lives of people with whom we have contact and for those who have come to faith in Christ. We praise God for all that has been accomplished through our evangelism programme. Thank you for your prayers which make such a difference.

Joan McAlister (Secretary of Irish Evangelistic Band)

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